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Our History

Raising Queens Initiative began as an outgrowth of the award-winning book, Raising Queens (Unlock Publishing, 2010). The book was based on the life and wisdom of her mother, a single mom, rearing five girls. With biblical principles and southern mama-isms, Mrs. Annie Turner (1939-2017) navigated many challenges often working three jobs to make ends meet.  Through it all, she modeled character traits that it took to raise her daughters successfully. Qualities such as a tenacious work ethic, courage, resilience, resourcefulness, and Christianity were woven into their upbringing.


Some of our programs include:


  • Coffee and conversations where women gather to discuss hot topics while learning to build each other up.

  • Community Service Day is our annual uplift of a community organization.

  • Sister Share Donation Drive, we collect needed items for organizations who support women and girls. We network with purpose as we gather to donate these items for a beneficiary organization.

  • Annual Raising Queens Summit - The highlight of our year. A day of empowerment for women and girls (ages 9 and up). Dynamic Speakers, interactive workshops, vendors booths and more. This is one day that could change your life!

We support girls by facilitating workshops at local schools and churches by request.

All of these programs give our constituents an outlet for demonstrating their passion, and purpose, and allow us to strengthen the community.


Mrs. Annie Turner


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