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COVID-19 Pandemic Response 

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Two months ago, we would never have imagined being where we are today. The spread of COVID-19 has changed the way we work, adjusted activities, and caused a shift to the way we do everyday life. While this new reality has affected us all, it has proven to be an opportunity amid crisis. For Raising Queens, this has also been a time for our board and leadership team to step back and reflect on our impact and the effectiveness of how we operate. Our mission has always been to empower women and girls to live successful lives by giving them the tools and resources to accomplish that common goal. We remain committed to that mission.


In as much as we stand by our "Crown Jewels," i.e. core values, today, we lift the value of wellness. In the interest of keeping RQ's team, supporters, and constituents safe and healthy as possible, we have decided to postpone to the 2020 Summit at Martin University scheduled for September 5.  Our board and leadership team are taking the lead from national organizations to delay the gathering of large groups for the safety of all. This time away will allow us to learn and glean from larger non-profits and other entities who are forging the path in creating infrastructure and protocols to manage live programming in the most effective and health-conscious way. 


I also want to take a moment to acknowledge that this time has had a personal, substantial impact on us all. As a result, we will give ourselves the needed time to decompress and replenish from years of tireless effort, even as we undertake strategic planning for the future. In these challenging times, we encourage you to be easy on yourself as well.


As our process is still unfolding, please stay tuned for upcoming engagement opportunities and details for how we will emerge from this global emergency.  Thank you for your ardent support of our programs in the past. We look forward to connecting as our way becomes clear. Stay safe, uplifted, and empowered!


Cynthia Newman, Founder, and CEO



Board of Directors                      Leadership Team

 Genyne Edwards, JD                Stephanie Brown

 Elizabeth Clark-Ray                  Esther Carter-Day

 Ellen Stancil                                Gretchen Grier

 Kim Sorrell                                  Alicia Magee-Remy

                                                        DeNita Middlebrooks

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